• Elios Patient Portal and online booking
    Web portal dedicated to your patients
    Images and medical reports which are always available in an online format
    It can be integrated with any informative operating system
    Strong authentication
    Maximum safety for the protection of data
  • Elios Kiosk
    Management of the reception

Elios Suite is a unified and complete answer for all the Practice Management's needs concerning the multi-specialized facilities.

The administrative platform is proposed in collaboration with Datamatic Sistemi e Servizi.

Elios Solutions

They are specific for every type of study, laboratory , hospital or clinic and they can be customized on the basis of the effective dimensions of the facility. Furthermore they have to be compatible with the management of the multi-specialized facilities. All the operating systems are web-oriented and they use LAMP open-source technologies(Linux-Apache-MySql-Php)

Products by Elios

Some of the products which are integrated into the Elios Suite solutions, can be separately purchased and are compatible with any operating system.


To say goodbye to radiographic films. The radiographic images of your patients inside a CD/DVD

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Long distance diagnosis and teleconsultation; Fast and safe transmission of diagnostic images which are web-based

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Medical Print

Printed medical reports and images which can be found inside the customized folder of your diagnostic facility.

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Patient Portal

Web portal dedicated to your patients; images and medical reports are always available in an online format.

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Visualization of medical images obtained by radiological exploration from many different modalities .

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Management of the phases of patients’ reception, waiting time and clinical information about the story of each patient.

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